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When you hire us, you get my extensive SEO knowledge and consulting. We believe in showcasing our expertise into every campaign we run – I recommend things that really work; execute things smoothly; keep your website safe and secure, and most importantly – will improve your rankings fast. We don’t prefer doing things randomly; you can count us as a strategic SEO agency in Calgary/Edmonton who draw the fine line between what’s right and what’s wrong; what will work or not; and we will not quote you too much.

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My SEO Campaigns start from 350 CAD/month.
"Shyam really knows all about SEO and has been a great help for our agency when clients need an expert to help."
Richard Barker, Owner - Harrison Mann
You have too many options. Why Calling Out eShine Marketing?

When you search “Calgary SEO”, or “Calgary SEO Company” in Google, you can find other agencies ranking in top 3 spots of your Google search feed. You’ll ask them for a quote and they will send you their SEO packages and most probably you’ll buy it.

But here’s the thing:
a) Will you really know what they’re doing?
b) Would they be willing to teach you the right things?
c) Are they building legitimate work and inbound links? You don’t know about the direct or vanity metrics, so you’ll trust whatever they say to you. Isn’t it?

But with me, You will see:
a) The logic behind every recommendation (and I obviously know they are pretty solid ones)
b) The necessity of a move and how it will impact the campaign.
c) You will have access to a Google sheet along with all the required access so even after 5 years, you can manage the things as you’ll still have the control.
d) We never ever try to game the system. No cheat sheets, No shortcuts, No PBN links, No Black Hat power. We just embrace the beauty of WEB, the audience experience, plug necessary components into the website, and build amazing links to move the needle in the right way.
e) I’ll be always available for you. I am on a long journey; I’ve big plans – my another SEO agency website: SEO Vancouver Pros, works to help Vancouver businesses organically.

"Our number 1 SEO guy. He is truely an expert at what he does. He is a great resource for us when it comes to SEO and link acquisition. Keep it up Shyam!"
Filippo, Webmaster

Work With Us:

When you’ll work with me::
1) You will hear from me – Your SEO consulting guy.
2) You’ll often hear from me – I write too fast and I’ll shoot many SEO progress emails to you.
3) I like to keep the things transparent. So you will timely know – What I am planning? What I am doing and will be doing? Which websites I chose to talk with and manage link engagement. What are the topics best suited for Blogging purpose? All these things! I am sure you will like to know all about it.
4) The best case – you understand SEO very well. In this case, you already know how you can help the campaign; help your Company’s social media presence and how to use your employees to promote your business socially. If you don’t – I’ll explain each and everything in detail.
5) I’ll work as as one of your team members. I will turn your website to work for you as a full-time dedicated employee.

"The project was completed to our high expectations, and well within specified deadline. Would certainly hire again for same or similar projects."
Darren Hughes, Founder - Embrace Interactive